Streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Belvins replies back to viewers who called him “hypocrite” after ranting about the current state of “Fortnite” while also playing Fortnite Battle Royale.

The 28-year old has talked openly about those who use social media to strike the game

and he especially talked about how his fellow streamers have made a living by playing it.

After his comment, it took no longer for Brett ‘Dakotaz’ Hoffman to react to it who blocked Ninja after expressing irritation towards the Mixer streamer.

Meanwhile, Ninja has also admitted that he is not enjoying playing the game in its current state – full of bugs.


Then on January 8 while Ninja was playing Fortnite on stream he was trying to take control of a wall, and eliminate the opponent but he failed to do so and kept dying over and over again which caused the Halo pro to rage and he started ranting about the game.

After ranting about Fortnite when he turned his attention towards the chat he saw one guy comparing Ninja, this made him feel more raged.

Ninja replies back to fans who called him ‘hypocrite’

Clip Starts at 1:18

His comments to the viewers in frustration were:

“I hate this game,” “I don’t understand how I can never take walls or floors, ever. I’m sitting there, I’m shooting and meleeing to replace it, and I just can’t compete! It’s so stupid! God, it’s so silly. Do I have to have zero ping to take a wall ever? So stupid.”

“And to the little sh*t that I saw who typed: ‘You’re doing what Dakotaz does and you’re being a hypocrite,’ I literally say that popping off in the heat of the moment is completely different than just tweeting out a negative opinion and not being able to back up what you’re talking about. It’s much more easy to contain opinions when you’re in a stream. As I said, I freaked out on the game and went on to explain what I didn’t like, and now we’re playing the game and it’s great.”

Ninja is somewhere right as since Epic Games has confirmed that they had removed the coin-flip mechanic, which gave players on higher ping a better chance of gaming control.

Once again it is based on the ping, with whoever has the lowest gets an advantage on their opponent which frustrated many around the community.