Tyler ‘Ninja’ Belvins is now asking parents to join his hands in stopping online toxicity – especially in a world where everything is turning digital and people are consuming more and more internet everyday.

Ninja is one of the popular stars joining hands to stop online toxicity which is becoming another
big problem for the world. He himself has been the victim of same. In 2019 he left his Twitch
legacy of one of the most viewed Twitch streamer for another rival streaming platform Mixer.

His sudden change of streaming platform was not quiet welcomed by his followers and online
trolls started to criticize him – which he was indeed very much aware of.

So, now he is fighting against these trolls and has launched a movement to stop online toxicity.
Ninja is now asking parents to join him in this long fight – according to him parenting plays a
huge role in these kind of situations.

During his January 24 interview with the New York Times’ David Marchese, He gave a statement
that the parents of young gamers can play a huge role in changing the environment of internet
culture for the positive.

“People are behind the screen,” Ninja explained. “They say what they want and can get away with it. You have complete anonymity… it sucks that there are kids who can say racist things and be incredibly aggressive and threatening to women online and have zero repercussions.”

“It all comes down to parenting,” he continued. “You want to know who your kid is? Listen to him when he’s playing video games when he thinks you’re not.”


Ninja then continues to discuss the another big problem that is “racism” he says that players
often uses racial slurs in online gaming which is not good – it is something that Twitch also
condemns and streamers can get banned if they use such statement during their live broadcast.

“Is it my job to have this conversation with this kid? No, because the first thing that’s going on in my head is, ‘This kid is doing this on purpose to troll me.’ If someone says a racial slur on someone else’s stream, it can potentially get that streamer banned. It’s awful, but that’s the first thing I think of.”

After his interview he received a lot of criticism and responding to one of the critics he said,
it is not his job to video call all his fans and teach them not be a racist.

“I show that I am a good person through my actions and how I treat people and those around me, every. Single. Day.”

After his statement more criticism started to pour in – surely it was expected and now his and his wife and manager Jessica Blevins has spoken out in defence of her husband. “If ANY of these people tweeting actually watched Ninja stream, they’d know how many times he’s spoken out about issues of racism, white privilege, and having zero tolerance for racism in his games or channel.”

“He does his part. He just isn’t holding a seminar on the topic,” She concluded.

Well, Ninja is not even one percent wrong about this according to a  study online harassment and cyberbullying has risen 70% during this pandemic as more and more people has joined the gaming community.

However, there is certainly no way that you can keep and eye on your child 24/7 but at least
as a parent you can try to make internet a better place by doing your part.

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