Ninja Bans ZexRow from Fortnite Ninja Battle events after a controversial and curse-filled interview in the first broadcast.

Ninja announced his first-ever Fortnite event ‘Ninja Battles featuring Fortnite’
on May 28, the event will run for six weeks with a prize pool of  $80,000 for
whosoever wins the game.

After this announcement, many pro players were eager to participate in the
event but things did not go well with ZexRow.

Ninja bans ZexRow for his controversial and curse-filled interview after
Team SoloMid’s post-winning interview. Team SoloMid won the first week
with 59 points.

Ninja has banned him from participating in all future Ninja Battle events.

All went wrong when ZexRow was getting interviewed infront of 15,000
live viewers on Ninja’s Mixer stream after his team wins the first week game.


Ninja bans ZexRow for hateful comments

When asked for final comments he unloaded a curse-ridden barrage of insults to all others in the competition. “Everyone that didn’t place in top 10 can suck my d***. They’re f***ing s****ers. I don’t know why they talk s***, they’re actually also dogs*** and braindead.”

Soon after this incident, ZexRow apologized on twitter saying. “Forgot parents watch, I’m sorry,” “Congrats on your first and last Ninja Battles placement,” Ninja quickly responds. apparently blocking him from participating in any future Ninja events.

Ninja was not taking any of this insult and he quickly cleared that
there is no place for him in any future events after insulting fellow
streamers and content creators.

“I am actually really sorry about that,” he later expanded. “It was a really bad lapse in judgement and I didn’t think in the moment and forgot that there [were] kids watching, and even so it was too far.” He went on to post a long tweet apologizing again to Ninja, the tournament organizers and the fans watching.


This was not all players from the community were also pushing
him to get dropped off from the organization Team SoloMid.
responding to them he says “It was a big mistake but I’ve made a lot of those,” he said. “I’ll ask them if I can leave.” Only time will tell.

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