Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevens accuses BBG (Built By Gamers) Valorant team for cheating after losing the Knights Before Christmas Invitational which leads to the disqualification of the team and because of that he is now under fire from fans.

It all starts with a clip of BBG’s Tristan ‘Critical’ Trinacty supposedly ‘locking on’ to a Time In player.
After the clip went viral the tournament organizers Pittsburgh Knights announced that BBG will be
disqualified from the tournament while the allegations are being fully investigated and Time In will
advance to the quarterfinals.

However the ban has been removed at the time of writing this article meaning BBG will continue
their journey in tournament and Time In won’t be playing anymore.

Well, this did not end up here, tournament organizers Pittsburgh Knights faces huge criticism for
handling overall situation. Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau accused the decision to disqualify BBG as being “hasty.”

“The only people that can decide if someone is cheating is Riot, not us armchair analysts going over 15-second clips like we’re flushaholics trying to chase our next high,” he said.

Ninja accuses BBG player – gets under fire

Pittsburgh Knights is not facing the criticism alone – Ninja is also getting hit by huge wave of criticism
because of comments he made about Critical. He said that the ban was right because of three more
recent allegations against Critical.

Critical had been cleared of all cheating allegations.

The community was not feeling well with the comment that Ninja made on Critical. Popular
streamer THump condemned Ninja for mentioning Critical’s previous accusations, as the
BBG pro had been cleared of them.

He said: “First 3 times he was cleared by riot, who has a lot more information than we do. So the previously 3 accusations shouldn’t factor in to this decision whatsoever.”

“You cannot DQ people from tournaments based on this type of evidence that has been put forward. It opens yourself up to tons of future accusations by losing teams and DQs happening left and right. Where does it end?”

While FaZe’s Charles ‘Hoppin’ Clapper suggests the tournament organizers might be getting pressure
from Ninja and that can be the reason of banning BBG.

He said, “The tournament organizers be like ‘there is an on-going investigation but ninja told us he thought they were cheating so let’s dq them’.”

After getting so much support from the community Critical tweets out a message thanking everyone
in his support.

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