21-year-old YouTube prankster Niko Omilana found his way into Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib fight even after getting banned from the event.

Matchroom Boxing and DAZN security both have banned Niko Omilana.

Niko Omilana is famous for his pranks and playful misbehaviours.

He has also snuck into Logan Paul and KSI’s ringside in the past.

He also pranked the former heavyweight champ, Shannon ‘The Cannon’ Briggs in front of millions.

Briggs gets Pranked by Niko Omilana in front of millions

And all of these past conflicts is the reason for him getting banned from Paul versus Gib fight.

But, the young YouTuber already had some plan.

He changed his look to an Arab Prince to get into the event.

And not only he got into the event but also managed to get a VIP pass for himself.

Before his transformation, he tweeted that he won’t be going there.

He introduced himself as ‘Reng Sayeed’ (to pay homage to his ringside alias) and faked his identity as an Arab Prince while also getting a VIP ticket.

After dealing with DAZN security process he managed to get into the VIP court joining other big British YouTubers (including KSI himself).

Niko Omilana kicked out of Jake Pauls vs AnEsonGib Fight

But DAZN’ security soon noticed his amusing behaviour, which blew off his cover as Reng Sayeed.

Soon after that, DAZN security escorted him out of the building and handed over to Police.

But, Niko Omilana wasn’t ready to get out with nothing, he tried to get a word from Paul’s trainer

One of NDL Ringside cameraman was tasked to ask Briggs a question from Omilana.

When questioned on whether he had a message for Niko, Briggs addressed the camera and stated: “When I see you and talk face-to-face, you’re going to apologize for the sh*t you did!”

Jake Paul and KSI are potentially in the pipeline, and there is a huge possibility that we can see some other Pranks from the YouTuber, but he surely needs to make a masterplan this time.

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