Content Creator Nikki Limo Youtube Channel has been Demonetized and just like her, you will also get shocked by knowing the cause of this demonetization.

YouTuber Niko Limo youtube videos showcase her vlogs and podcast series and have a subscriber base of 580K.

Nikki has been sharing her vlogs and hosting her podcast series since a long time on her youtube channel.


Nikki Limo Youtube Channel Demonetized

She announced something weird on January 4.

Nikki revealed that she had received a notification from YouTube explaining that her channel was demonetized due to a “significant portion” of her videos being based around firearms.

At first, Nikki was shocked and both confused tweeting “I literally make Cooking videos” she suggested that this might be a mistake from YouTube’s end.

“YouTube demonetized my channel because “a significant portion” of my content has to do with firearms?” she began to question, clearly confused by the ruling on her channel.

We also hope that this is all a mistake.

“I don’t know anything about firearms!” she said, “It actually thinks I teach how to build guns…”.

Some of her followers say that this was because of the Knife used in Kitchen but the email from youtube end’s clearly addressed guns.

As of the time of writing, it appears as if Limo’s channel is still demonetized and it is unknown if YouTube plans on reversing their ruling against the content creator.

We all hope that Niki Limo Channel being demonetized was all a mistake.

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