A new Warzone teaser from Activision has revealed what seems to look like a Zombie apocalypse in Verdansk map. This may be directly linked to the leaked game mode.


  • Activision has released a new Warzone Teaser for an upcoming event.
  • In this teaser, we can clearly see Zombies approaching a previously restricted spot.

Fighting their way through a Zombie apocalypse in Verdansk has always been ever player’s
dream and this might be coming to be true from what we can conclude from the teaser.

On March 5, 2021, Activision posted a parody news report about the zombies in
Verdansk over on Call of Duty’s official Twitter account. The tweet itself says that the
undead have been seen “exiting the Warzone shipwreck,” where they were previously being held.

From these two things we can easily assume that the zombies are soon going to takeover
the whole Verdansk city.


Zombies were added for the first time back at the beginning of Season 2 with the
Shipwreck POI, so if the news of them spreading across the city is true then, this
means that either there is a new game mode in development or maybe the map is
soon going under some major changes.

Back on March 4, audio files for a Warzone mode called Plague were leaked and
include voice lines about Verdansk being “overrun” and that players will have to take it back.
Some lines from the mode also say that the city is “lost,” before confirming that a nuke in inbound for the island.

Some of the speculations state that this Zombie Apocalypse will be an end to the current map
and a new beginning to a brand-new map in the game. These speculations are very much true
if we line up all these reveals one by one.

At the time of writing this, there has been no confirmation as of when we can see zombies
roaming around the city. However, only time will tell when we get to see these characters

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