csgo cache update and cs20 case

New CSGO update and CS20 case: On 29th September New “Cache” map was revealed during “ESL New York 2019” event.

The co-creator of the map “FMPONE” gave the hint of the official release date for the map to be “10th October 2019”.

On October 10 valve did release the map but not for official servers because the iconic map was getting reworked for the first time.

They wanted the map to be neat and clean for the players so that any kind of bug doesn’t disappoint players.

On October 18 the day CSGO completed 20 years new cache was released for official servers, along with CS20 case in celebration of the completion of 20 years.

CS20 case features new skins some of them are tributed to iconic plays by professional players.

Jordan ‘nOthing‘ Gilbert, Olof ‘Olofmeiser‘ Kajbjer and Jake ‘Stewie 2k‘ Yip.

CS20 case also features the old school cs1.6 knife in 13 different finishes.

This is was the first time Valve teased players with old school cs1.6 knife.

The case contains 2 red skins, 3 pink skins, 5 purple skins and 7 blue skins.

CS20 case skins tribute to nOthing, olofmeiser and Stewie2k.

Glock-18 | Sacrifice

The gun is inspired by olofmeiser’s sacrifice bomb defuse on a Molotov in ESL One Cologne 2014.

This play was so iconic that valve awarded olof with his graffiti on B site Overpass.

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Tec-9 | Flash Out

The skin is not based on any of the nOthing’s plays but is inspired by his hilarious flashbang dance.

The description on the skin also says that ” Regarding dance lessons with Jordan (nOthing).

Credit: THe wolf Liar

P250 | Inferno

This skin is inspired by Stewie 2k game-saving clutch against Faze in the grand finale of Boston Major.

The skin is inspired by huge play but the description of the skin are the words of the commentator “James Bardolph” who was also pretty hyped during that intense play.

The description states “But Look at the time”

Credit: Dragonow

The price of the case is very high right now in the community market. In New CSGO update and CS20 case, there are also some stickers added to the game.

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