Players are exploiting a new Nuketown ’84 glitch which lets them break out of the map and get free kills.

Nuketown ’84 is one of the most popular map in Call of Duty featuring in almost every CoD game. It is a small
map which means there is a lot of early action going on – most of them are close-quarter battles. This is the
eighth version of the map but there is a little loophole in the new map.

If you are following the map from its old versions then you must be familiar with every corner and explots
of the map. Nuketown ‘84 still has one of these little secrets intact as RC-XD users can race around outside the map on a special path.

It is the best way to go around the map without getting in sight of anyone, back then it was only available for
RC-XD users but unexpectedly it is now available for every player.

Earlier, this secret Nuketown ’84 glitch passage only allowed tiny vehicles to go through them but
unfortunately, other players have found a way to break the boundaries and now everyone is using it to camp
outside the map and grab some free kills.

From this glitched location, you get a clear line of sight to the side of one of the houses. The most strange part of being here though is that your presence doesn’t have any impact on enemy spawns. They can still appear directly in front of you without realizing, leading to some effortless kills.

Treyarch has not addressed the issue yet, but they really need to work fast on it otherwise players will be
munching day and night on those free kills of innocent souls.

This article is just to inform you that be a little more attentive when using the secret passage.

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