WB Games Montreal has yet again teased players with New Batman Game Leaks.

WB Games Montreal is the same team and studio which developed the Batman: Arkham Origins Game”.

Recently the studio has been hinting players with pictures on their social media – which appears to be the next Batman Game.

Recently WB Games Montreal posted a bunch of pictures which appears to be the pieces of a Crest.

WB Games Montreal
Wb Games Montreal

The Crest looks similar to American government iconography, with an eagle on top.

And the Full image of the Crest was captioned as “Capture the Knight”

Now fans across the community are figuring out that this can be the New Batman Game leaks and Crest showcases that the game will focus on the “Court of Owls”

Court of Owls is a community which has been protecting Gotham City behind the scenes.

And this was more sort of confirmed after WB tweeted the slogan “Capture the Knight”.

But one thing here looks odd that the Crest features an Eagle instead of Owl which somewhere denies this theory of game focusing on Court of Owls.

But still, it’s been 5 years since the release of last Batman Game that was Arkham Knight released in 2015.


New Batman Game Leaks from Last Batman Game

In Batman Arkham Knight we all witnessed that Batman dies but looks like he faked his death and here are some facts to confirm this.

Well, we all saw a New Batman at the end of the game but many say he was a robin

But, here is what I think:

Jason is proud that he is back in Bat-family and still continuing Batman’s Mission.

Meanwhile, Dick Grayson lives outside of Batman’s Shadow and what we have seen in-game so far he would not take-up mantle of the Bat.

This left’s us with one option that is Azrael

Azrael was also hinted during the games main story.

He is the only person who has studied Batman’s Tactics, abilities detective skills and everything.

And even Alfred has said that Azrael is impressive and can replace Batman.

But Azrael has two options to go with

  1. Either fight his programming and leave Gotham to confer the order
  2. Try to kill Batman and rot in Prison

Either way, Azrael can not become the new Batman.

And in the end, the nightmare Batman we see is the same Batman which Crane sees that is original Batman.

The WB Games Montreal new Batman Game might get revealed during the upcoming E3 event.

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