A brand new Apex Legends Horizon Ult trick can outplay sneaky campers hiding behind doors and you should definitely add this into your book of good tricks.

Horizon is the latest addition to the roster of Apex Legends characters. She is also known as the
Gravitational Manipulator‘ because of her abilities which does exactly that – reversing gravity

Her addition to the game has completely changed many players choice of best legend to play,
currently she is fighting head on head with Wraith for the best win-rate. She has became fan- favorite
very quickly and that is why developers are examining her stats closely and they are also soon
going to release a nerf for her.

One of the reasons why she became popular so fast is because of her abilities which give her
access to enemies not only far away but also hiding behind doors or walls.


Horizon’s Passive and Tactical abilities are also amazing which helps the player win multiple rounds.
However it is her Ultimate ability that we are going to talk about now. A new Apex Legends Horizon Ult trick gives player ability to kill sneaky campers hiding behind doors.

Most of the player uses doors as an advantage to hide from enemies while they heal or revive behind the doors.

In a reddit clip from friarface he explains how unfortunate and costly it can be to hide behind doors
while playing against Horizon, because she will soon break the door and drag you through your little
hiding spot.

In the video above we can clearly see that Horizon’s Black hole ultimate makes it completely
useless for enemies to hide behind doors to revive team mates as Horizon and her team mates
will come attacking onto you – it can be frustrating for anyone.

As mentioned earlier developers are soon going to release a Horizon nerf so you might want
to try out this trick as soon as possible.

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