Twitch streamer Negaoryx shares the best way to shut up any sexiest trolls on Twitch – the clip in talks is from her latest stream where she encountered the same scenario and hit back on it with the best comeback.

Trolls are one of the biggest problems of the internet – Fortnite star Ninja has also talked about
this in his recent interview. However, it even worse for female streamers, and it feels like
they are not going away any time soon.

Mostly streamers tries to ignore them and carry on their work. However, Negaoryx was not
in the mood to ignore them instead she did a comeback with the best way possible to deal with these trolls.

It all started when one of these trolls came to ask a very inappropriate question to her during
the recent live broadcast, he was asking about the colour of her undergarment, the streamer then
called him out in front of everyone and claimed that people need to “respect women”.

“What did you expect? Did you expect I was gonna be like, ‘Blue, why do you wanna find out? Here’s my number!’ Like, what do you think people are going to do, my dude? Like, how do you expect this going any other way than how it went,” she said.

Well, it should have ended there but apparently, one of another viewer thought to support the
trolls and said that she could not take a single joke, which in turn frustrated the streamer even
more and she went on to discuss why that excuse is not suitable here.

“The rest of us can still joke, you can’t because you were never joking in the first place, you were just being a misogynistic, sexist piece of sh*t,” negaoryx said. “And then, you don’t like hearing that because someone’s holding a mirror up to you and it makes you uncomfortable because you know you and you know the parts of you that are good. So in your heart, you have to come up with a narrative that makes you feel better about the fact that somebody’s asking you to confront the parts about yourself that you hate the most.”

She then posted the clip on Twitter which went viral and at the time of writing have over
1.5 million views within less than 12 hours. Many of gaming industry stars and streamers
are praising streamer for her brave way to handle these trolls.

The streamer in talks is not going viral for the very first time, last time her reaction to a
bunny getting killed in Naughty Dog’s post apocalyptic game The Last of Us gained traction
across social media, even earning responses from the developers of the game.

Lastly, we hope these trolls stop asking streamers these inappropriate questions, but
unfortunately that is very unlikely to happen.

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