Neekolul became the new Twitch fame after one of her TikTok videos went viral, but according to her, all this new attention is ‘mentally draining’ her.

Well, Neekolul is not new in Twitch she is streaming from the last three years playing a variety of games.

She plays games like Fortnite, League of legends and other small games.

In the previous three years, she had zero attention with only 100 or so irregular fans watching.

But, everything changed when on March 3 one her TikTok video went viral making her famous overnight.

In the 15sec clip, Neekolul did lip-sync on Senzawa’s “oki doki boomer” while wearing a Bernie 2020 crop top.

Neekolul says her new Fame is ‘mentally draining’ her

On Scuffed podcast she revealed, her new fame is doing more harm to her than any good.

She says before all these fame and everything she was a normal streamer who can say whatever they want or go many days not posting and no one will care.

But, now everything is changed suddenly she is the point of attraction and everybody wants to know about whether she will be streaming today or not.

She says she is always in constant pressure of choosing words correctly because for every word and photo people are judging her.


She says the internet has become ‘mentally draining’ for her.

“You know, I still don’t fully understand it,” she explained. “I wanted attention, but when I got it I don’t think it’s as nice as I thought it was going to be. When I say something or post, people try to twist it, or oversexualize me.”

This doesn’t mean that she is not happy with all of these, she says she has finally found “a huge audience” for regular streams. People who “actually care” for her now. She has found some brand offers also.

“It’s ironic cause the Tiktok is like “okay boomer” but it triggered people, and it made them extremely angry at me, toxic comments on my tweet. It was weird, and I was a little scared and annoyed at the same time,” she said.

“I didn’t get the scope of the attention that I got. I’m a nobody. I would still consider myself something of a f**king nobody, so the fact anyone cared about stuff like that I had a boyfriend, made no sense to me.”

Will Neeko leave Twitch for other platforms?

In the podcast, she revealed that she was more into YouTube than Twitch.

She never wanted to become a “big” twitch “influencer”.

“My original goal was actually to be a YouTuber, but I was studying to be a doctor ⁠— doing biology, stem major ⁠— and it’s material-heavy stuff so I didn’t have time to edit videos, upload. It was just easier to stream,” she revealed.

“I got stuck with streaming. Twitch is good for interaction, but YouTube is where I want to go [in the future], 100 per cent. I like being social and being outside. It’s not really my cup of tea. I can show more of what I can do on YouTube.”

Well, this is not the first time when a Twitch star is complaining about all these things in recent times.

TikTok queen Charli D’Amelio fell foul of the cosplay community earlier this week after doing an anime dance.

She had to apologize to the whole community.

D’Amelio said she was “not trying to bring down anyone.” She also added she was sorry the dance video had been “taken completely the wrong way.”

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