Twitch star and TikTok viral girl Neekolul reveals her 7 years-long abusive relationship on her Twitter and how that ended during her rise on the streaming platform.


  • Many Twitch streamers are opening up about their abusive relationship and the next streamer to join the list is Neekolul.
  • Streamer reveals how she has been a victim of an abusive relationship and how it ended during her rise on Twitch.

Twitch streamer Neekolul started getting fame after her Viral TikTok back in 2020.
Although she has been on the platform since 2017, but everything changed after her
Ok Bommber viral TikTok video in 2020.

However, his innocent face has been hiding a big secret from all of us, off the camera
Nicole was trying to end an abusive relationship with her boyfriend.


Twitch Streamer Neekolul reveals her abusive relationship

On March 14, the 23-year-old streamer shared a tweet describing “emotional, mental, and physical abuse” which she has been a victim of since she was only 15 years old. In the tweet she describes everything in details which includes details about her partner holding her at knifepoint, assaulting her numerous times, and “taking advantage of [her] financially.”

“We were breaking up and getting back together every other week. He would strategically hit me behind my head to avoid visible bruises. Some hits would slip so I would get a small bruise on my cheek or arms,” she said in a March 14 document.

She also states that during these events, she has tried to reach out to her boyfriend’ parents and police officers for help but none of them were listening to her.

“As a scared teenager it was hard, and in the end I felt a weird need to protect him.

“I told the police at one point that I wanted to press charges with picture proof and text messages. The officer’s words still ring in my head that ‘you are too young to be going through this, you should rethink if you want to do this.’”

She also explains how her abuser played a victim card against her and she ended up
taking anger management and also getting arrested at one instance.

“After all these years of receiving abuse, I’m the one who ends up getting in trouble.

“The judge took into consideration my situation, everything I had been through, and saw I wasn’t a dangerous person. He even removed the automatically applied restraining order…which I think shows people recognized I wasn’t the one causing problems.”

She also mentions why she is sharing all these now, she says she has opened up
now as a part of her “healing process” and also that she wants other to take
courage and open up about their abusive relationship.

“I felt like I needed to talk about my experience as a victim of abuse in hopes that abuse is taken more seriously,” Neekolul said.

“Not speaking out about my story, seeing how times I fell silent, dug me into a deeper cycle of mental pain, and at the end of the day I deserve to live in peace and I won’t let anyone invalidate me ever again.”

After her statement the support from her friends on Twitter and in the
Twitch community has been pouring in. Big names like Brooke, Keem and Dk
Tweeted in support of her.

“Thank you so much for sharing your story. I know that can’t be easy, but we are all here for you and very proud of you. Sending you lots of love” says brooke.

The support from the community has always been at the top and as many
streamers are opening up about their abusive relationship, we might see many
more of these stories.

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