Nebulas Lasso on Steam

STON GAMES has announced it’s a Best Indie game, “Nebulas Lasso”. Currently available for Windows PC.


  Light years away, at warp speed, you finally arrive at the battle arena. Adrenaline is pumping high still, gripping the yoke of the ship in anticipation, awaiting. The buzzer signals and the match begins! 


With utmost agility you zoom towards the target, zigzagging in between missiles, shave away from the grips of blackholes around you, and steer through vortexes in time.

You finally get the target in between the crosshairs, gravitation beam shot. Yes! The prize is in your possession. A sigh of relief islet, but the task is only halfway complete.


     You again blast engines towards the mothership to earn your glory, 
and behind, the other fighters realize they shall lose theirs.

 All scramble to reclaim the prize for their own. You fire shots and clear away whoever is in your path, while you glide through the debris. At last, the mothership is within your reach, but alas, so are the other fighters chasing behind you.

     To your luck, your ship’s trump card, the mighty Nebulas Arrow is now charged and ready for deployment.

The protective seal flipped, and weapon aimed, steel nerves and a hint of luck are the only things that stand in between you and the grand prize. A drip of sweat finds its way 
to your chin almost in anticipation of what is to come.


 Almost in perfect synchrony, that bead of sweat hits the control panel as your finger pulls the trigger.

Night turns to day as Nebulas Arrow blasts through your enemies
paving the way to glory.

     Enter a new inter-galactic sport to compete against the finest of pilots from the far ends of the galaxy in Nebulas Lasso! Some compete to reclaim lost glory, others compete to avenge their conquered race, while others simply enter for the joy of the hunt.

Characters for best indie game


  Pick one of 8 unique pilots, and pilot the most advanced spaceships 
and weaponry to battle friends and see who is the best hunter of all.

Nebulas Lasso is a local multiplayer game, where each player pilots a 
spaceship with its unique pilot and style to capture the people of 

The game relies on mechanical skills, and a good understanding of each spaceship’s strengths and weaknesses inside this physics-based arena.

 Nebulas Lasso is the best indie game for players who enjoy classic, local multiplayer games.
Let the tournament begin!


CPU: Intel Duo Core @ 2.00 GHz, Memory: 6 GB of RAM
GPU: 2 GB Memory,
Disk space: 2.5GB
Windows 7, DirectX 10,


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