Smash Pro Nairoby ‘Nairo’ Quezada’s makes streaming debut on his YouTube Channel following his controversial ban on Amazon owned platform Twitch.

Nairo is one of the most followed streamers of Smash Pro Community but he has been banned from Twitch for some controversial reasons.

However, this has not stopped the young talent from connecting to his viewers.

The streamer has started his very own YouTube channel – he has swapped his streaming career from Twitch to YouTube for the time being.


On his first day of YouTube streaming, he broke many of his Twitch milestones. In his stream he was looking just same as he was before the ban.

Nairo starts his first YouTube channel stream with kind words for his audience to sticking with him through all this tough time.

“This feels so bizarre. It’s been a while guys, so I apologize if I miss [anything],” he said at the start.

His first ever stream on YouTube reached a peak of 23,000 constant viewers during his six hours stream – this is almost double as what he achieved on Twitch back in 2020 which was 13,213 viewers.

In last 24 hours he have gained over 7,500 new subscribers and more than 2,000 members and thousands of dollars in Superchat donations.

Back when allegations were put on him, he lost over 40,000 subscribers. However, he has managed to recover all of those since his February return video.

It is still unclear – “When Nairo is getting unbanned from Twitch”, he is still banned on Twitch even after officials have cleared his name. Nairoby is looking forward to get his ban uplift so that he can restart competing in tournaments.

And if his plea gets approved and he gets unbanned on Twitch, he might move to Twitch once again but for now he is staying on YouTube for a little longer and might stream sometimes on YouTube as well even after his ban is uplift.

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