Mors Mutual Insurance is one of the many companies that operate in GTA V but according to some inside leaks, the insurance company is going to be bankrupt soon.

At the moment there are multiple number of companies operating in GTA online.

GTA fans can buy and sell properties inside the game to use it as a business. outlet.

However, GTA Online cities are never safe from mafias – who can always steal your car or maybe hijack your business so having insurance is always a good option.

But what if the company providing these insurances goes bankrupt?, well the same thing is happening or some traces of the same have been found for the Mors Mutual Insurance company.

Is Mors Mutual Insurance going Bankrupt in GTA 5 online?

On April 16, Reddit user Cometeorz found out that many  areas of the business’ offices are listed as “for lease”.

“Today I found out that Mors Mutual Insurance is financially struggling,” they said, as the rest of the thread was filled with concerned comments for the insurance company.

One other user joked: “When they replace your 6 million dollar flying Russian gunship for $1000, its no wonder they’re struggling.” Not exactly the most solid business model, it must be said, but they’ve made it this far.

Although, there are many speculations on what might be the case, but none of the could be confirmed until someone from the company talks about it.

“They are not struggling. Most of them work from home now,” one posted, while another said: “I really don’t know how they’ve survived this long.”

Well, if all of this is true and the company is really going bankrupt then the city might turn into massacre, as burglars will roam around stealing and blowing million dollar cars knowing that the owner would not get a single penny in return.

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