Modern Warfare Season 4 release date? Season 3 end date, a question that many players are asking, Season 3 will end soon, after bringing in a lot of maps and weapons for Warzone its time to move on Season 4.

Season 3 was a season of content full of everything you can imagine, new weapons
new multiplayer maps everything was there.

Now as every season ends it is the end of season 3 and Infinity Wards have released
some teasers for Season 4 and it looks like the next season won’t be any different
and will set the same vibes as this season.


Modern Warfare Season 4 release date

There is no official date right now, but as per Modern Warfare tradition every Season
last for exactly eight weeks and Season 3 started on Wednesday, April 8, so if they
still follow the same pattern then Modern Warfare Season 4 release date is Wednesday, June 3.

Modern Warfare will also release a roadmap for Season 4, around the same time, though
the update time will vary according to time zones.

Season 3 will end on Tuesday, June 2 however, every big changes are released on
Tuesday and the current battle pass is set to end on Tuesday, so this time it is
possible that Season 4 starts on the very same day.

Warzone Season 4

Warzone was the part of Modern Warfare Season 2, and since then there has been
a lot of changes to it.


In Season 3 some of the big changes were done, the introduction of new maps, new
weapons and new modes, season 3 was big for Warzone in every way, but there was
something that it lacked – Duo mode, yes there is no Duo mode in Warzone despite
many requests from the community, but many players believe that Warzone will
finally, get a Duo mode in Season 4.

Apart from the Duo mode, there were also big map changes teased in Season 3
for Warzone like underground bunkers which players can explore, will Season 4
be bringing those map changes?

There is also leaks about a new arena set in ‘Urzikstan’ which can also be a part
of Season 4 finally, however, there is no official confirmation whether these
changes will make their way into the game in Season 4 but we believe that
there will be some big changes in Warzone during Season 4.

New maps, weapons and Battle Pass

There is no confirmation on any details but there have been many leaks about the
return of two classic CoD weapons – Galil and Vector in Season 4.

However, there is no confirmation on any of the details from Infinity Ward and same
goes with Battle Pass details, but we will update as soon as we get any further information regarding this topic.

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