Modern Warfare Season 4 leaks reveal new vector & Galil look and Akimbo Blades, AMR Sniper coming in the next season.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 3 has been by far the most amazing
season with lots of maps and weapons introduction in Warzone, however
the next season of the game is right around the corner and there has been
a couple of new leaks about the two new weapons coming in-game.

On May 15 a leak revealed two new iconic weapons Galil & Vector making their
way in-game soon, and now a May 27 video leak reveals another set of two
new weapons to be introduced in the game soon.

Akimbo Blades coming to Modern Warfare Season 4

Modern Warfare Season 4 leaks – Akimbo Blades & Rytek AMR sniper

Akimbo Blades is going to be the first melee weapon introduction in Season 4,
in the past couple of seasons, Melee weapons were not in focus and now
suddenly a large two-arm length sword is making its way in the game,
according to the animation in the video, it looks like it will take down enemies in
a matter of second.

Moreover, there is a Rytek AMR sniper in the gameplay video, this weapon has
five-round magazines and no-recoil based on the gameplay in the video. There is
no saying on the damage part of the rifle but it sounds really hard.

Vector & Galil look

After a series of leaks, it was being said that two CoD iconic weapons Galil
& Vector will be releasing in Modern Warfare Season 4, but the new leaks
suggest that Vector is now renamed to ‘Fennec’, as claimed by Redditor Redditor ‘JeaneJWE.


However, the look and mechanism of the weapon is still the same, same circular ironsight and the same SMG design.

Appearing as ‘AL_GALIMA’ in the game files is Galil another rifle, part of
many CoD big titles like Black Ops 1, the design of the weapon is still the same,
the gameplay features a white and undetailed version of the weapon.

Modern Warfare Season 4 is set to release on Wednesday, June 3, and there is no official confirmation on the release date of these weapons, some of them can be part of early release while some can release in the midway of the season.

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