Modern Warfare new map glitch has been found which makes you invulnerable.

New glitches and bugs are increasing day by day in Modern Warfare, this time a new glitch makes you invulnerable to any damage.

Modern Warfare has a lot of different modes to play following the usual Call of Duty culture.

There are a ton of game modes to play like, the 6v6 / 10v10 deathmatch mode then there are Cyber Attack modes, in short, the game has something for everyone.

Activision Ground War

But one thing that really disturbs players experience whether it be Call of Duty Modern Warfare or any other FPS game is bugs and glitches.

While some players use these for there advantages, some lack behind and dies every time they confront them.

From the Piccadilly Glitch – letting players escape the map to Letting players go under Shoothouse map.

And just like that, recently, a new glitch has been found on modern warfare map where players can embed themselves within the map and escape the gunfire in 32v32 Ground War.

Modern Warfare new glitch

A Reddit user ‘iska9der’ showed us that you can still Ground War is still full of bugs and you can easily embed yourself in the map.

The video below shows a player embedded into the landscape of Tavorsk District.

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We can clearly see that despite the player’s effort to warn his team about the embedded guy, he just hides there without engaging in a gunfight or being spotted.

Well, not only the players even the Recon Drone was not able to ping the enemy hiding.

And in the video, as we can see that the embedded player didn’t pick up any kills so this might be a good sign that the glitch works only one way.

Ground War is a pretty huge map with 64 players playing this means that things can go wrong and there is nothing wrong about it, but the only issue is “will Call of Duty” address this bug as there top priority – as Ground War is one of the popular modes in Call of Duty Modern warfare.

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