Domination Mode is the part of Modern Warfare since a very long time and players spend hours and hours playing it, but recently a bug has been found where players are getting free points.

Domination mode has a limit of max 200 points in the match, both the team is supposed to
hold three points/flags to earn points and whosoever reaches the score limit will win the match.

It sounds super easy, right? but sometimes things don’t work as planned and the same
happened with cabose369‘s team when they were defending two flags and still lose the match.

Broken Domination Mode – free points bug

In the video shared by “Cabose” clearly shows that there is something wrong with the point
system in Modern Warfare’s Domination Mode.

It all happens when Cabose team recaptures B flag after losing it to enemies while enemy
team having 7 points lead on them. so according to Domination Mode rules Redditor’s team
should have surpassed the 7 points lead in about 30 secs or so.

But that doesn’t seem to happen as even after capturing two flags at a time they were still
behind there enemies with 7, 8 and some times 11 points.


Well, this was unfair as Cabose team is clearly holding two flags at a time and should have
defeated there enemy, but here the games seem to not register the second flag in favour of
Cabose team.

Moreover, the score of the enemy team was also fluctuating very much between 7 and 11
which is not normal and costs the defending team a match.

Well, this situation attracted a lot of suggestion about it being a bug after the season 3 update and addition of new deathmatch Domination mode where the rules are also the same as the old domination mode.

Anyhow, there is no official comment from Infinity Ward on this topic, if we get any further information about it we will let you know.

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