Infinity ward has recently revealed some new updates regarding latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare battle chatter.

Infinity ward has made many changes in-game in a short period of time wehter it be related to professional players criticizing maps design.

Latest irritating feature to be on the list is named as “Battle chatter”.

The job of this feature is to make you alert of any enemies around you.

But, it makes call outs at full intensity disregarding that you are playing a sneaky flank game or intense 1v1.

It will yell out making your enemies give away your position.

Recently, James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks tweeted to Infinity ward asking for an on and off feature for “Battle Chatter”.

Because there are “numerous things that are uncompetitive about it and we’ve always had the option in the past”.

In reply of it Infinity ward’s developer “David Mickner” tweeted:

“We’ve had it auto handled under mlg/cwl rules in the past so it was largely unnecessary.

Good point though, I’ll look into adding it as an option”.

After this, another MW developer “Joe Cecot” tweeted explaining Infinity ward’s top priority bugs to fix he tweeted:

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Infinity ward is observing from “Footstep audio to improvements in the current spawning system”

He also said that they are “Looking at” battle chatter in “One life modes” such as search and destroy and Latest Cyberattack.

Infinity wards fix any kind of problems causing CoD fans in a short period of time after the problem comes into existence.

As Modern warfare battle chatter is one of their top priority let’s see how much time will it take them to fix it.

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