Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been confirmed to launch in October 2022, by the developers and according to the leaks, it will feature a Free-to-play DMZ mode. Here is everything we know about this new mode.

In the recent Call of Duty game changes we have seen the installments leaning more towards Zombies as the third mode along with campaign and multiplayer, however, the new leaks suggest the upcoming new installment may focus on DMZ mode.

Although, there has been no official statement regarding the mode, here is everything we can conclude from the rumors.

Modern Warfare 2 leaks: DMZ mode

After months of leaks, rumors, and rampant speculation, it now appears the DMZ mode is indeed official for Modern Warfare 2.

A leaked picture from an early playtest involving NFL players showed a direct creation for the DMZ mode in-game. therefore, it’s officially in development and being pushed into an early build. As to whether it’ll be ready for launch, still, we’ll have to hold on and see. More on the possible release window below.

Launch Date


Earlier, it was speculated that DMZ would launch in 2023 as a standalone F2P title.

However, the latest rumors suggest that Call of Duty developers have something different planned for the mode.

CoD franchise fans can get their hands on the new mode from October 28 if everything goes as speculated.

Free-to-play DMZ Mode

According to leakers, the upcoming DMZ mode will be a free-to-play game mode just as in Warzone.

DMZ is now expected to feature as part of Modern Warfare 2, meaning players will have to own the premium, mainline title in order to access this mode.

However, there has been no official statement on what DMZ mode will look like but speculations suggest that it will bring down the fast-paced adrenaline-rushing arcade gameplay to real waters.

The one-match lobby will have 20-35 players only along with different modes playable like Solo, Duo, and Trio.