Modern Warfare 2 Developers Respond to Season Two's Random Removal of Killcams

Infinity Ward developers finally respond after the Season Two update on February 15th, which eliminated kill cams from certain multiplayer modes in Modern Warfare 2.

Season Two of Modern Warfare was eagerly awaited, introducing a slew of changes to the annual installment.

A classic Hardcore mode finally came, as did a Treyarch-developed Ranked mode.

The update, however, had several unforeseen repercussions in the form of bugs and malfunctions that impacted the ordinary player’s experience.

One that was quickly noticed by players was the removal of killcams from certain modes. Highlighted by a fan via Reddit, they said: “After this latest update my killcam is gone completely. This is in Moshpit, Quick Play, and Ground War.” 

Infinity Ward developers respond to Modern Warfare 2 Killcams removal

In a February 19 tweet, they said: “We’re investigating why Killcams are disabled in some game Modes.”

They did not specify which modes were affected, but player complaints imply that the bug is rather widespread. It also appears to affect players across all platforms.

The developers did respond to Modern Warfare 2 killcam removal but have not provided any timeline but as the issue is currently under investigation, we can expect a quick fix in the next few days or weeks.

Given the alleged severity of the glitch – inadvertently removing core CoD multiplayer – it could require a heavier patch than some of the ones we’ve seen roll out quickly. after part two.

For a full idea of the bugs the development team is tracking (and hopefully solving), you can check out the dedicated Modern Warfare 2 Trello Board.