Caves and cliffs update 1.17 is the most awaited update in Minecraft because it’s been a long time since Mojang has changed something in the caves or mountains.

A variety of new things has been going to be added to the game. After the spectacular nether update, the Mojang has decided to entirely change the concept of caves. Some new type of ores, stones and monsters will be added in this update.

Mojang release many snapshots of the caves and cliffs update which are getting much popular among the players.

The list of the new things is as follows:

  • Archaeology

In this, there is some weird type of structures are available in the Minecraft world which can be found during the world exploration. These structures will be covered by sand and gravel the players need some tools to “brush” to slowly remove these so they can find the hidden artefacts inside these structures.

  • Vibrations and sculk sensors

Vibration is a common thing in Minecraft when you walk break/place a stone or open a door they create vibrations that can now be detectable by sculk sensors or a new hostile mob “warden”. Which has been added in the new 1.17 update.

Sculk sensor is typical red stone block which can been used to transmit the signal wirelessly. Players are very excited to use this new red stone mechanics.

  • Copper and oxidation

Copper is a typical new ore that has been added to Minecraft in the latest 1.17 update usually the copper ore has been found in between layers 0 to 94 and the most common layer to find this ore is 47. The uses of the copper are not cleared yet, for now, this ore can be smelted in a furnace or blast furnace to obtain it’s ingot and then those ingots can be used to make the copper block.

Now some interesting fact about copper is that it changes its colour slightly to green with the time period in-game. which is named oxidation to prevent this oxidation you can use honeycombs.

  •  Caves and Mountains

Many types of caves and mountains have been added in the update lke dripstone cave, lush caves and deep dark caves.

New mountain biomes like  Mountain meadow, Mountain grove, Snowy slopes, lofty peaks, and snow-capped peaks.

  • Mobs

Warden is a new hostile mob that has been added to the game. warden usually found in underground caves near sculk. The most interesting fact about this mob is that it follows the player by listening to its vibrations it is the first blind mob in Minecraft. The next is Axolotls, glowy squid that can be found in water in underground caves. Goats are also available in new snowy mountain biomes. Many much more things like an andesite and new stone shave been added to the update. This update will completely change the meta for finding the ores as diamond gold iron Redstone is much easier to find in the new caves because of their large shapes and structures.

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