As the Minecraft caves and cliffs update is not so far Minecraft has released a new snapshot 21w14a containing some new updates and fixed some bugs in the later updates.

Minecraft is one of the most played game worldwide and has been a trend since its release back in 2000.

Well, the game is not the only thing that keeps it at the top – it includes up-to-date feature updates, great communication support from developers.

Moreover, prior to these Major updates, developers releases multiple small updates “snapshots” – these snapshots contains small bug fixes and some minute new elements of the upcoming major update.

In this new Snapshot 21w14a update developers have added – Raw Copper, Raw Iron, and Raw Gold items, amongst other new stuff to the game.

New features in Minecraft snapshot 21w14a update

In this snapshot the iron and gold ore will no longer drop as ore block. now the iron and gold will be dropped in nuggets and the nuggets will be decided by he fortune. If the players wants to make then ingot they requires a silktouch pickaxe.

  • Added Raw Copper, Raw Iron, and Raw Gold items
  • Tuff blocks can now be found between heights 0 and 16


  1. Ores now don’t drop as ore blocks.
  2. The ratio will depend on the fortune 1,2,3.
  3. Ore block requires silk touch to obtain as ore blocks.
  4. Fully oxidized copper can be waxed back in its original state using honey.


  • MC-203854 – Fishing rod texture always looks like it has been cast when in the player’s hand
  • MC-207173 – Entering only colons into multiplayer Direct Connection & pressing enter crashes the game
  • MC-210155 – Command block output no longer is displayed immediately after running a command
  • MC-213665 – Crash upon attempting to generate a world with a height of 0 blocks
  • MC-214287 – Crash upon entering a nether portal when logical_height is set to 0 and min_y is set to 80 or greater
  • MC-215120 – World-gen data packs can cause crashes when first generating world
  • MC-216697 – Having ‘min_y’ set to lower than -64 causes either a crash or the world not to behave correctly if the height limit wasn’t modified
  • MC-217702 – Game crashes (ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException) during world feature placement / decoration
  • MC-219849 – Fishing doesn’t animate or render the rod, line or bobber anymore
  • MC-220652 – IndexOutOfBound exception hard crash when loading a simple custom dimension data pack
  • MC-221553 – The end dimension generates differently than it did previously
  • MC-221586 – Excessive pillager spawning in pillager outposts
  • MC-221673 – Ocean monuments are completely empty