The Microsoft Flight simulator update has just arrived in the game it has changed a lot of things in the game especially in France and the Benelux Union.

This update has fixed some bugs and issues while there are some changes added to airports added some new activities for the players to make the game more interesting.

The main focus of this update is on France and Benelux union more than 100 new points of interest are added to the game and to some other places also.

Now you can roam around some new buildings added on the way.

When you go above the Atlantic you can find the revamped lighthouses at the Caserne Loubère military base in French Guiana, Pointe aux Canons in Sainte Pierre, and on the La Caravelle peninsula in Martinique.

You can find out newly handcrafted airports.


There is a new photogrammetry option is also added by adobo studio for Paris and Amsterdam and included visual and logic improvements for 100 additional airports in the latest Microsoft Flight simulator update 4.

This helps the user to connect more smoothly. There is a new landing challenge added with the update at la Salette and the new bush trip.

For this awesome new update first, you have to install it.

To install the patch you’ll first want to move any community packages you’ve downloaded to another folder temporarily while the update installs. Then, launch Flight Simulator and install the content update you’ll see when the menu pops up.

Once that’s done, you’ll be able to head to the in-game marketplace and download the free France/Benelux content update. After this, you can enjoy the new update and can explore the world with a more realistic experience.

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