Metro Exodus Review: It is is a series of game before Metro Exodus there were two more games released that is “METRO 2033” “METRO LAST LIGHT”.

It is the continued story of “METRO LAST LIGHT”. People are living in metro tunnels because due to nuclear war the surface has become radioactive and animals have been mutating.

Inside this game our main character that is Artyom have some nightmares that there are many more peoples alive other than them and while playing the game you also come to know that his nightmares are true there are some peoples living in Russia and this whole story is based in Russia.

Metro Exodus is an open-world narrative game but other games in this series were not open world.

It is an FPS (First Person Shooter) game.

Metro series are known because of their graphics quality.


It is an FPS game and you just need to follow instructions.

Your NPCs tells you what missions you have to pass.

Metro Exodus is far better than Metro Last Light. There are some features which you can perform in Metro Exodus but not in Metro Last Light.

There were several bugs in the game when it was launched but after the release of their first update, there are many bugs which are fixed.

The most annoying bug was that when Person1 was speaking apparently person2 also starts speaking and you gets confused that who is speaking what.

In the start of the game, you have a train in which you travel a distance of 778km.

There are still some bugs and glitches in the game, for example, you have crafting material but still, you are not able to craft the thing you want to craft.

Some bonus tips from Metro Exodus Review

  1. Approach People with guns down.
  2. Don’t Kill surrendered  Enemy.

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