TikToker is going viral after claiming that comedian Matt Rife refused photo with fans after being called “unfunny”.

Matt Rife is a TikTok-famous stand-up comedian. Rife, whose fan base was previously dominated by women, was acclaimed for his sense of humour and his chiselled jawline.

Rife’s image was harmed in late 2023, however, when he made a joke about domestic abuse during his Netflix special, ‘Natural Selection.’ Viewers were eager to call him out when footage from his show went viral on the internet.

Rife’s reaction to the incident drew extra criticism. Rife linked to what he said was an “apology” in an Instagram story, but was a website offering helmets for people with support needs.

Rife has now become a controversial character, with many people continuing to attack him for his joke. Another netizen is now sharing her encounter with the comic, adding fuel to the flames.


Matt Rife refused to take photo with fans

On November 22, TikTok user Emily Giangreco uploaded a video to the platform describing the time she saw Matt Rife perform at a comedy show in her area.

“He showed up and nobody knew who he was,” she claimed. “There were people that knew who he was, but the people that he was there to meet, most of them were like, ‘Who is this guy?’”

However, she claimed that there were people in attendance who were “genuine fans of his” — one of whom was a 60-year-old man, who she described as the “sweetest person on the planet.”

According to Emily, Rife refused to take pictures with the fan, “because he heard that somebody said he’s not even that funny.”

“Can you imagine meeting a 60-year-old man that is so excited to see you, have them fawning over you, and you denying them a photo because some other person said something?” she posited. “That’s the type of person that Matt Rife is.”

Rife has yet to react to Emily’s TikTok. In a harsh Instagram remark, he recently retaliated against a plastic surgeon who claimed he “created” his jawline.