Markiplier’s YouTube series “In space with Markiplier” has been nominated for Emmy Award in “Outstanding Interactive Media.”

Markiplier is one of the greatest content creators to ever be on YouTube, starting his journey back in 2012, he has achieved a lot of milestones in his career.

Currently, he has over 33 million subscribers, on his channel he has a ton of mixed content ranging from horror gameplay footage and comedy to animations and interactive content.

Now, his YouTube series “In Space with Markiplier” has gotten an Emmy Award nomination for “Outstanding Interactive Media.”

In space with Markiplier nominated for Emmy Awards

On November 1st, Mark shared a screenshot of the award nominations, mentioning that his “In Space With Markiplier” youtube series is nominated for an Emmy in the Outstanding Interactive Media category.

He said: “Guys… I think In Space with Markiplier got nominated for an Emmy…”

Fans and friends of Markiplier quickly took to the replies to congratulate him on being nominated.

Pokimane replied: “wtf this is INSANEEE, congrats!!”

“That is so cool u should fr be so proud,” said Minecraft YouTuber Karl Jacobs.

The Twitter account for the popular sim game PowerWash Simulator congratulated Mark, but not without asking for his OnlyFans account to be created.

They said: “Congrats, so well deserved, Mark! Now, that OnlyFans…”

We will update you with the results, on December 11, 2022 after the declaration of winners from the Emmy Awards.

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