Mafia games official twitter handle is finally alive after three years of silence and developers may be teasing a “remaster” or completely new “mafia game”.

Mafia made its debut in 2002 with access to PlayStation and Xbox players, it is said to be
one of “GTA” copy games but its popularity begins after the launch of its sequel in 2010,
The game has a pretty realistic approach to the crime genre and people loved playing as a mobster.

Well, after months of silence and three years after the last title release Mafia Games official
twitter is back alive with a new tweet possibly teasing about a remastered version of the
game or maybe a completely new Mafia game.

Mafia Games teases community with a Tweet

Everything starts back in April 2020 when rumours started to gather around a Mafia 2
remake in progress titled as ‘Definitive Edition’, after board in Korea appeared to have rated the title, after this news fans in love with the game was very much excited about what can be coming next from the franchise.

But unfortunately, there hasn’t been any good news until May 10, when the official Mafia Games twitter handle tweeted a single word “family” which can mean a lot of things but
our best guess is a remake or a new game is on its way.

The developer hasn’t revealed much information like on what console this game will be
releasing or will it be a remake or something else, but now we know for sure that something
is coming up soon.

After this tweet, all Mafia fans went wild and started asking questions to the developers one
Twitter user ‘robertevans97’ exclaimed, “Remaster the 2nd one please and thank you.” Another player ‘theCrackJack420’ requested a new title. “Mafia 4 in 70s Vegas needs to happen,” they said.


There is no further news or confirmation on what to expect but it can be a Mafia 2 remake as
it is going to be a 10th Anniversary of the game this August or maybe they will reveal a new
project Mafia 4?.

We can’t say anything as of now but we will update you on any further news from developers
or any other means.

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