Twitch streamer Lukeafkfan decided to let his Twitch chat help him get a date on Tinder during his latest live broadcast but it got all wrong within the first three text messages.

Twitch is a streaming platform where you can find a variety and almost all types of content divided into different sections.

While the number one place keeps changing with multiple games, the Just Chatting section always stays at the top three.

One of the reasons this category is loved so much by viewers is because it lets viewers connect with their favorite streamers’ life through long interaction sessions.

On August 12, Lukeafkfan was simply trying to get some help from his twitch chat to talk to a woman on Tinder, but by the time he had sent his third message to her, he had already made an unforgivable mistake.

Starting his conversation with a little bit of talk about the zodiac signs his latest match suggested that a relationship between a Gemini and a Scorpio “can be very fun.”

In response to that Luke found a (what he thought) perfect reply to this and copy-pasted it directly onto Tinder without proofreading any of it and he soon realized how big of a mistake he has done.

Forgetting to remove the emotions and extra words in the comment, the message read: “Cheer50 Tell her ‘Ok cool, I like fun. You got a Fortnite account?”

the clip showcases the exact moment

Naturally, Luke was left red-faced and couldn’t believe his mistake. 

“God damn it, why has it copied that?!” he asked, putting his head in his hands in disbelief. “Are you kidding me? Do I just unmatch? This is bad, man.”

Luke quickly put it to the back of his mind, though, and moved on to the next chat, with some of the other conversations going slightly better. There might not be much of a future for Luke with this girl, though.