Ludwig created a secret YouTube Channel to prove that internet stardom is 99% skill – and surprisingly his experiment’s outcome is the same as what he said.

Becoming a big YouTuber like Pewdipie, Mr. Beast may seem like a pure work of luck right?. And adding a bit of high quality would be like a cherry on the cake.

But is it all true? is it just pure luck?

To find the answer to this question Ludwig created a secret YouTube Channel.

However, before starting his experiment he consulted Mr. Beast on this question and according to him, it is the”skill” that matters the most, and considering that he has over a 100million subscribers combined his words do have some weight.


“It’s 99% skill. If you know what you’re doing, you could do that [make a big channel],” he said.

Ludwig created a fresh channel with the goal of hitting 1000 views in the first 24 hours. He explained in his November 24 upload.

Although he had set some rules: He couldn’t use his face or voice ⁠— they’d be too closely tied to him. He had to get a bit creative, hiring a voice actor on Fiverr to read out a script he wrote, and then an editor to put together the video.

Considering he is already a Twitch star he knew what he had to do and what topic he had to choose which is, of course, streaming, and for getting an early push he had to makeMizkif click on his video.

“The reason I did it on Mizkif is because I have a decent amount of knowledge on this so I’m speaking as an authority,” Ludwig said.

“If I somehow get this video uploaded and get Mizkif to click on it, he’ll probably watch it. If I can get Mizkif to watch this in front of 45,000 people, then I think that’s a win.”

After completing the three-minute video back, he pushed it onto the new Online Lore channel, using some basic branding to polish up the channel. He pushed it on Mizkif’s subreddit and even donated to Mizkif’s stream to watch the video ⁠— waiting until he just ran out of content to ship it.

Ludwig’s donation did catch the eye of Mizkif although chat was calling it self-promotion, he watched the video anyways.

He was pleased too, and he instantly figured out that the guy behind Online Lore wasn’t new to the content game: “You don’t even have any other videos dude. You know what you’re doing.”

It’s now sitting at 98,000 views, and the channel is pushing 11,000 subscribers.

“I’m really happy with it. Once this video [Ludwig’s one] goes out, I’m sure it’ll end up with 100k views. It kind of got a little out of hand, but I really believe in this video. It’s not millions [of views], it’s not enough to go full time, but it’s better than 95% of YouTube videos uploaded,” Ludwig said.

“All it came down to was good content, good thumbnailing, good titling, and admittedly, a good way of getting it in front of people who are interested in this type of content.

“This could feasibly be done with anyone for just $50 [for promotion].”

Now that it has been revealed in public that Ludwig is behind the channel, it is going to explode soon.

And according to Ludwig he is going to keep this channel alive and push more content to it.