Australian content creator Loserfruit might be quitting Twitch soon, the speculations are coming after she admitted that she is “falling out of love” with making content.


  • Loserfruit is one of the biggest Australian content creators with over 2.5 million followers.
  • In her recent tweet, she mentioned that she is “falling out of love with making content.”

Young Twitch streamer and content creator Loserfruit has gained so much at a very
young age, from being part of  Click Crew to getting her very own Fortnite Icon Series
skin she has come a long way in the gaming industry.

Currently, her Twitch have over 2.5 million followers while her YouTube channel have
over 3.2 million followers. She has become such a big online celebrity and gained a
lot of love from the community. However, Loserfruit might be quitting Twitch soon.

After creating content for so many years being one of the top female streamers she has
now admitted that “falling out of love with making content,” on March 21 through
her official Twitter.


“[Had] this gnawing feeling for a while that I should do something different and provide something to this world – but have no idea what.”

She might be ending her eight years long online presence soon, these speculation
comes after her statement, “Just can’t fight this feeling some days that what I love to do/used to love to do isn’t helping. I still need to find another purpose that can provide something to the world.”

However, she also mentions that there is some time left before she completely
shuts down on making content, “I still get happiness from making videos. I will take no break because I will go mad not doing anything.

“I just maybe need to rework the way I do things and dedicate some days to doing something different.”


However, in the past we have seen her taking long breaks many times, but
this time it is different, because she is talking about ending it forever.

Anyhow, it is still unclear when she is going to shut down her content creation,
or if a new game or anything like that can reinvigorate her passion.

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