Logan Paul revealed his worst YouTube video that was so bad that he had do delete it.

Recently, Maverick owner appeared on Rusell Brand’s ‘Under the Skin’ podcast, Logan revealed that he recently deleted one of his old videos.

Logan has been the centre of controversies for a long time.

Suicide Forest‘ video – uploaded in January 2018. was his most controversial video

After this video, Logan Paul faced huge criticism from fans all around the globe.

Logan Paul reveals his worst video that he deleted

Logan Paul reveals his worst video on Russell Brand’s ‘Under the Skin’ Podcast

Well, this was not the video which he talked about in the podcast instead he said that:

“This one was bad,” he said, taking a sip from the cup he continued, “I had to remove it from YouTube, actually. I faked my death in front of my fans. like Young fans.”

He revealed this while he was discussing watching his old videos.

Paul than elaborated the video scene. “Fans realized where I lived and they would wait for me to come out. One day, I was like, ‘I’m going to teach them a lesson not to spy on people.’ So I had my friend come up behind me with a shotgun, and another friend to splatter ‘blood’. The more I talk, the more I realize how blatantly inappropriate this is.”

Clip Starts at 20:48

According to Logan, this was all a prank but, he seemed a bit nervous while talking about the video.

He then justified himself stating. “If the fans weren’t so young, I don’t think this would have been that bad. But the fact that they were children… It’s not great.”

To not make everything awkward or something like that, Russell also put some of his words saying that there are no rules on the medium he was using, it can get a little confusing.

Logan then expressed his feelings about going to Hollywood to become an actor.

He also mentions how his upbringing helped him get where he is now.

Well, Logan is the first YouTube personality which has been featured on Russell Brand’s ‘Under the Skin’ podcast, before him, there were only celebrities and academic personalities which has something to do with politics, ethics, race and society.

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