On ‘imPaulsive’ podcast, Logan Paul reacts to the video of him confronting a college student who spat on him in late January this year.

Logan Paul is a YouTuber and a professional boxer and mostly surrounded by controversies.

One of his recent controversies arose when a girl from the University of California spat on him while he was leaving after a party.

The girl came running and spat on him, and later he confronted the girl on camera.

Well, there are two parts of the same video with a cut between scenes, one in which we can see a girl running towards ‘The Maverick’ and in other, we can see him confronting the girl.


Logan is infamous for his controversies all around the world, but this time the whole internet admits that he had handled the situation with maturity and ease.

Logan Paul confronts girl spitting on him

Logan Paul confronting girl who spat on him

“I’m sorry — not really,” the student admitted after being confronted.

“Listen, I got nothing but love for you, okay?” Paul replied.

“Thank you?” she answered. “I don’t really respect you that much.”

“I like everything about you,” Paul responded after she asked him if he liked her jacket. “But in the future, it’s not cool to spit on people.”

Then, on January 28 ‘The Maverick’ appeared on ‘imPaulsive’ podcast where he mentioned and showcased his point of view on that confrontation.

He addressed spitting as “Physical assault” and claimed that he tried to change the student’s behaviour in a very calm way.

Logan reacting to girls behaviour on imPaulsive Podcast

“I’m not really that mad, but also, it’s just really disrespectful,” he reflected. “I wanna see if I can change her in our interaction. Because I’ve done dumb s**t and disrespectful s**t like this. I wanna see if I can talk to her and say something to her that will make her see that this is not how to handle a problem.”

[Main part starts at 25:00]

As we all know there are two kinds of people all around the internet, one who is in support of something and the others who oppose it.

Well, the YouTuber got the same response from the fans where some of them are praising Logan for his way of confronting the girl with ease and handling the situation like an adult.

While others are complementing the girl – which Paul also addressed on the podcast.

“My takeaway from this was, everyone’s got an opinion about something,” he continued. “It is so hard to be right and have everyone agree with you. I cannot fathom that in any way, I was in the wrong here.”


but, Logan doesn’t seem to be affected by these comments and is continuing to move on from being a “controversial YouTuber”.

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