Logan Paul apologizes to George Janko: Logan Paul has apologized to his buddy and IMPAULSIVE co-host George Janko for his comments on Janko’s religious beliefs, which sparked outrage online.

Logan Paul drew considerable reaction online during episode 356 of the IMPAULSIVE podcast for the way he attacked friend and co-host George Janko over his religious beliefs. People were quick to react online after the episode, with one user calling the way he spoke about his friend’s beliefs “absolutely disgusting.”

The IMPAULSIVE cast has addressed the situation and the ramifications of Paul’s statements on episode 359 of the program almost a month later. Logan Paul began by admitting that he “made some pretty out-of-line comments to George about George’s beliefs.”

Logan Paul apologizes to George Janko

Going on to add, “I’m not going to even say what I said and I’ll tell you why. The following three weeks have been the hardest period of my f***king life. Buddy god kicked me in the d**k as hard as he fucking could. As soon as it started happening I went there’s no way.”

Logan Paul then recounted all of the bad luck, or “karma,” as he termed it, that he encountered after criticizing George for his views on religion and his beliefs.

“We started off in Qatar. I got violent food poisoning. I got a 20,000 dollar camera taken away. We land in Qatar, camera stripped. It’s just little things here and there, things are showing up. We mis-scheduled. Again, got violent f**king food poisoning, next day got alcohol poisoning. Our luggage was delayed so we had no clothes to get to events.”

Logan revealed that “Qatar was the first time I felt the wrath of God. I defamed Jesus and God and I felt his wrath. And by the way I want to make something clear and I have something I want to say to you that I’ve been thinking about. I’m not a f***king atheist, I believe in God. People don’t think I believe in God. It might not identify as the same God as you but it was very telling to me how the karmic energy of the universe…just went right back around and put me in my place.”

The “most important thing” to come out of this experience, according to Logan, was how he and Geroge managed their disagreement and came out on the other side.

“The fact that we were able to reach a common ground as we always do which is I think why I’m so comfortable being so blunt with you sometimes. I shouldn’t have done it in the way that I did it.”

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