Logan Paul has accepted NHL pro Evander Kane boxing challenge which he gave to his brother Jake during an Impaulsive podcast.

Couple of Days ago Jake had a boxing match with former basketball player Nate Robinson which did not
went well for Nate, Jake knocked him out in the second round and soon after that the San Jose Sharks
left-winger sent a challenge to Jake Paul claiming that he’s easy, get ‘wrecked.’

Being an open challenge instead of Jake Paul his brother Logan Paul has accepted the challenge and Kane
was not expecting this.

“San Jose Sharks? What is that exactly? Some sort of fish or aquatic animal who lives in San Jose?” Logan joked and read Kane’s original tweet. (Segment starts at 33:28)

“Put him on a list,” he remarked. “Does Jake Paul vs Evander Kane, is that a headline fight? How many buys does that get?”

After the Jake vs Robinson match, many players were claiming that Jake stole the show for Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones JR because of his huge knockout which is going viral on the internet. And there is no chance that
Jake vs Kane match will catch the same attention.

The Impaulsive podcast members also agrees that the fight wouldn’t exactly be worthy of a headliner, but Logan Paul had an idea.

“Or does he just do it because he will get another fantastic f**king knockout? Is he even active?” Logan asked, inquiring about if Kane was still playing in the NHL. “Okay, so when is he going to train boxing? We’ll go through it again. I’ll put a quarter-million down this time.”

After Logan’s side of public announcement for accepting Evander Kane boxing challenge it was time for
Kane to reveal his side and he did not take too long to respond.

In a short eight second video tweet he accepts Logan challenge with full confidence.


“Logan Paul, I’ll take the mop off your head and wipe the floor with you,” he said and proceeded to tag the YouTuber in the reply.

Despite both the sides accepting each other’s challenge there is still no confirmation on when this match
will happen or if it will happen because Kane is mostly engaged in NHL and the next season of NHL starts
on January 1 at the earliest, we will have to wait and see when both stars reveals their boxing match date.

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