Welcome to another fun talk session with Abhinaba “Logan” Banerjee better known as “Arijit Singh” for his melodious voice: Logan gaming interview

He is ruling everyone’s heart with his melodious voice in GTA 5 RolePlay servers. In this Logan gaming interview session, we came to know that he is neither making his career in singing nor in gaming.

GC: How was your early life?

Logan: School life was beautiful as because I have enjoyed a lot with my friends, made some beautiful memories together, College life was also full of fun as well as ups and downs. But two things were constant 

  • Music classes
  • Daily playing Computer Games

Q2: Define Logan gaming in 3 words

Logan: powerhouse of entertainment.

GC: When did you start singing?

Logan: I started singing at the age of 5 and till now am having my regular classes and always try to find some time for daily rewaz. 

GC: Which Video has changed your gaming career completely and does it help you in your singing career also?

Logan: First of all neither I want to make my career on gaming or even in Singing, I love to sing as well as play computer games.

It helps me to relax my mind and makes me a positive person even after a day full of negativity.

but obviously the day I sang in the Livestream of Rakazone Gaming channel, people get to know about me.

I got a headstart from that day. Apart from that Content Creators like Bloodline Yt, GeekyVicky Yt, Pipo Papo, Mota Bhai, Gamepur, Hela Aisha, Ritz Gaming, Rudrax Arena, Bundro Yt, Ravi Can’t and none other than Thermal Projekt Gaming Helped me a lot to grow my channel exponentially.

Credit: Ritzz is live

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GC: What is the one thing that you would like to change about the current scene of the Indian gaming industry and why?

Logan: Have faith on your favourite streamer but do not blindly support even after seeing he/she using some unwanted way to play a game.

Moreover I want people of Indian Gaming Community to be more mature enough to play all the games, do not only focus on the trends or force a streamer to follow the trend even if he/she doesn’t want to play that game.

Do not spread hatred among each other , let’s just make a healthy and clean gaming community where people can even start thinking to build a career as a professional gamer.

GC: What is your version of ‘Growth’ in youtube Livestream scene, is it more donations and subscriptions or it is views and chats?

Logan: Views and chats , more over I believe the more you interact with the viewers the more your channel will be growing. After a hectic day of office, I come back to my home and have some dinner then sit on my chair and start the livestream only because my viewers are eagerly waiting for me.

Do not run for the views or comments or likes, even 5 people are watching then start entertaing them , respect each and every viewer and your channel will start growing day by day  

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GC: What advice would you give to aspiring live streamers, what DOs and Donts would you recommend them?

Logan: Be punctual, be polite, be humble and always be greatful to your viewers. And one more thing if you love Streaming,then only people will start watching your stream daily. Do not chase for numbers , chase for good relation with each and every viewer and moreover respect every gamer in any scenario.

GC: What is your take on Indian E-sports scene and what are your plans on it?

Logan: Honestly I am not into E-sports . but yeah if someone want to make a career on either gaming or streaming he/she should have a proper back up plan ready

GC: Is there any special girl in your life?

Logan: Yes

GC: What is the story behind “Logan Gaming” why this name?

Logan: “Logan” this name I took from a character Logan Thackeray (character of a MMORPG Guildwars2) as because I love his character backstory in the game Guild wars 2. 

GC: Any encouraging message for your “Singing” fans?

Logan: Love to learn music, do regular practice and rewaj and *always be grateful to your guruji*

That is all for Logan gaming interview I hope to see you back tomorrow with a new session with Beast Boy Shub. Make sure to subscribe to him and also subscribe to the newsletter to get updates. And comment down below which other YouTuber you wants to see and what questions do you want to ask me to him/her.

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