Respawn Entertainment has revealed Loba’s first look in Apex Legends season 5 phase 4 teaser.

It feels like players wait for the confirmation of Loba as next new legend in-game is finally
over, as the new teaser drop for Season 5 reveals hints of Loba’s arrival in the game.

Let’s recap a little bit, We saw Loba for the first time as a kid during Revenant’s reveal where
the deadly robot kills Loba’s father brutally. But she survives the attack and escapes safely,
now that she is all grown up, she is back for revenge on his father’s death.

Some of you guys already know a lot of Loba’s abilities and when she will arrive in-game from
the past leaks, we know everything about her gameplay style her finishing moves etcetera.

Now in Apex Legends season 5 teaser Respawn Entertainment has released some of
the information about what happened after her father’s death, what she did.


Loba’s First look shows clues to kill Revenant

The latest teaser drop through official @PlayApex Twitter account on April 28 shows two clues on what Loba is preparing herself for, in the first part it shows the hierarchy form of folders from “Hammond Robotics “Project 617” email chain” – Hammond Robotics is the same company which created Revenant.

Then in the GIF part, we see an E-mail where two employees of Hammond Robotics are terrified because Revenant has gone rogue, but there is also a third clue the “notes” on the computer.

There is a total of three notes each one is related to Revenant, in the third note it says, “Can’t be accessed? why? & Security?.


In the first note, it says, “Source Code” – which we are pretty sure are the source code for Revenant and would be helpful to kill him.

Lastly, In the third note, it says, “Can’t be stopped?” and two more things which aren’t visible
quite enough.

We strongly believe that this is Loba’s writing and she is gathering all the information on
how Revenant is created and how she can kill him, looks like she doesn’t want to make any

Will Loba debut in-game by killing Revenant?

Maybe this will be the case as Revenant also made his debut by killing “Forge” and now all
the information that she is gathering it is much more clear that we will see Loba in the next

However, we still need to wait a few more weeks as the Apex Legends Season 5 release date is shifted from May 5 to May 12.

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