Skyrim is one of those games which supports mods at a massive scale, well there are many mods which are useless and only consumes space but in this list, we bring to you the Best Skyrim Mods to try out in 2020 ranging from removing Loading Screen to changing the complete User interface.

Skrim is one of the oldest games in the market, but the reason why many players still play
the game despite being so old is because of all the mods we can use.

Mods sometimes completely change the original game, it makes them more fun to play and
also visually appealing.

Skyrim supports a lot of mods which makes it more versatile

However, each and every Skyrim Mods mentioned on this list can be equipped through either
Steam Workshop or Nexus Mods.

Now before we start with the list lets get one essential thing downloaded first (PC) and that is “Skyrim Script Extender mod” – this will help you easily install and uninstall complicated mods.

With the Extender mod setup, let’s start with the list.

Best Skyrim Mods 2020

Bugs Fixer – Unofficial Skyrim Patch

Skyrim works on Creation Engine – A 3D Video game engine based on Gamebryo Engine
created by Bethesda Games Studios, it is vulnerable to many bugs and fixes which may
destroy your experience with the game.

Bethesda has also fixed some bugs and glitches but there are still plenty of them in-game.
and fortunately, a group of developers have created an “Unofficial Skyrim Patch” which
fixes all those leftover issues.

This is a must install mod because everything we going to install after this may cause some
disturbance in the game and this mod will handle all of it, also this mod gets regular updates
from the developers which tend to fix hundreds of bugs regarding gameplay and more.

Disable Loading Screen – Open Cities

Disable Loading Screen as the name suggests will disable any loading screen while you are in

Skyrim features a lot of pointless and long loading screens which are annoying like the
loading screens you get to see when you travel from one town to another, well there is no
point of showing such a long loading screen for just moving into a new town, this not only
takes much of your time but also distracts the player from the story.

But the Open Cities mod will remove all these unnecessary loading screens for you, giving
you the freedom to play the game by engaging more into the game, so how does it work

Basically Open Cities mod will transform all the five major towns into one Tamriel world space
which eliminates the need for those boring loading screens, this is very simple yet powerful
fix that you really want to try.

Fancy User Interface – SkyUI

Skyrim is an old game with old-fashioned User Interface and sometimes watching this boring
UI at the beginning of the game spoils the mood of the player.

But luckily we have access to a wide range of UI mods which not only makes it more
beautiful but also gives players access to customize the user interface according to them

The mod for this job we recommend is SkyUI which replaces the old UI with the new fancy inventory management system and makes it more user friendly.

This Mod also gives you access to customize the UI according to your preference something
which we do not see in many Roleplay Fantasy games.

Graphics Improvement (Skyrim HD/Relighting Skyrim/Static Mesh Improvement)

Despite having all the cool animals and sceneries Skyrim’s graphics doesn’t do much justice
with those things, there is no naturality in things like the direction of light, reflections and

And to tackle this obstacle we have a pretty insane mod which completely changes the look
of everything on the game, it gives a new life to graphics of the game like reflection will be
more natural, the direction of light coming from the sun will be on point and stuffs like that.

Here we will be using two modes and each of them have a different job to do.

The first one is Skyrim HD/Skyrim relighting mod – this mod will require a powerful pc and
will update game settings to support 4k graphics. Whereas the Static Mesh Improvement
mod will add fine details to objects like around the corners of the stones and etc.

Better Character Creation (RaceMenu)

The current character creation menu doesn’t completely suck but still, there are some areas
where it lacks bit more options like in the paint section.

So to overcome this problem and make Skyrim characters more vibrant we bring you “RaceMenu mod” this mod will basically add a bit more options to the character creation

Like there will be more colours to choose from RGBA warpaints, body paints, hand paint, and foot paints.

However, this won’t change how your characters look so you don’t have to worry about that.

Also to use this mode you need to have the latest version of Skyrim Script Extender installed.

Learn New Spells (Magic of Skyrim)

Learning new things won’t be bad anytime, you may have a lot of spells up your sleeves but
hey, there are still many more to learn.

As a Skyrim player defeating your enemies with magical spells is far more exciting than
killing them with the axe or sword and we get that so to make you more brutal on to your
enemies and surprise them we bring you a whole bunch of new spells to try and master.

 In Magic of Skyrim mod, you get a total of 155 new spells ranging from summoning objects
to changing gravity or creating tornadoes and volcanos, you will be indestructible.

Also, each spell is accompanied by high-quality visuals.

Discover New Countries (Falskaar/ Dreamborne Isles/Moonpath to Elsweyr)

The only reason why you want to install this mod will be that you have explored all of Skyrim
world and what it has to offer for you. Well, luckily there are modders around us which know
this feeling of playing a single world over and over again, and they have created these new mods.

There is a total of three mods that we recommend you to try out. These mods will expand the
Skyrim world with new quests, NPCs and puzzles.

The first one is Falskaar mod, it is one of the most popular mods for world expansion in
Skyrim, it boasts the story to 25+ hours of new quests and puzzles to solve.

The second one is Voyage to the Dreamborne Isles, this mod transfers players to a very new
location where they have to reveal the secrets of a lost civilization while also dealing with
challenging puzzles, and a trio of deadly dragons.

Third and the last one is Moonpath to Elsweyr, in this mod, you will travel to Khajit’s homeland an area full of jungles and deserts, it also includes six new quests and new NPCs.

New Weapons and Armor (Immersive Armor/Weapons)

Using the same old weapons and armours over and over again maybe frustrating or boring
but as we mentioned earlier Skyrim is a game of mods so why not try some extra weapons

And for that very exact reason, we bring you two mods which are top of there category.

Immersive Armor and Immersive Weapon mods both these mods contains a total of 55 new
sets of armour along with armour variants, 396 new shields and a whole bunch of cosmetics
It adds a total of 230 new tools of destruction each one of them is perfectly balanced.

If you want to step up your game with new weapons, now you know where to look for it.

Realistic Survival Mechanics (Needs and Diseases Mod)

Survival games are one of the most played games all over the world. And it won’t be any
strange if a developer will add a survival mod in Skyrim because of the environment of the
game suits best for any survival game.

In this Needs and Diseases mod, you will feel, hunger, sleep, need for water etc, all of these
needs to take care of. otherwise, you will die.

Also, like the name of the mod suggests, your character can cause diseases and may die
and if you take care of your character very well, it can result in a great buff to its

Build and Defend an Outpost (Tundra Defense)

Skyrim is a face-paced action game and sometimes we may miss on small things in-game like building our very own Fort or Outpost but unfortunately, Skyrim doesn’t have that feature
so, that doesn’t mean that we can’t do that.

In Tundra Defense mod, you get to do the very same thing, you can either craft your Fort or
an Outpost and buy some guards to take care of it.

You can be your own architecture, you can place traps inside or outside your Outpost to keep
it safe from enemies.

Also in this mod, there are different raid types which allows you to test your Outpost ability to
the maximum level. In these raids waves of enemies such as dragons, giants, and bandits try
to invade your Outpost or Fort and your guards have to defend it.

Become a King (High King of Skyrim)

After completing all the quests and everything now there is only one thing to do become the
High King of Skyrim, but there is no such feature in the game as we all know.

So to make you feel like a king mod developers team have developed a High King of Skyrim mod which makes you the King of Skyrim but this won’t come free, you have to meet some
requirements before becoming the ruler of entire Skyrim world, you have to kill both Ulfric and Elisif.

Well, killing is always not the only option, there is another way to become the ruler and
that is marrying one of a royal princess.

After that, you will secure your throne as a high king and as a ruler of the country you can
make people dance for you, have them jailed, enslaved, give you all their possessions,
become your followers, and can even command an army.

Well, these actions will share equal reactions on the original quests so we request you to
install this mod only after you have completed the game.

New Challenging Combat (Duel Combat Realism)

Striking through enemies camp while they are not prepared for battle is very much fun and
easy, but if you have watched some old battle movies, you may know that the fights don’t
occur like this, and to bring some more reality to the Combats we have a very special Skyrim mod to try out.

The Duel Combat Realism mod, this mod changes everything about the enemy, how they
perform in groups or solo, they are a lot smarter now, the stamina plays a vital role in
the combat now.

Heavy weapons do more damage now, shields can completely block an attack, armour is
less penetrating. Stealth mode is tweaked a bit to make it harder to sneak around enemy

Play a different Character (Alternate Start)

Now you are at the end of the game, the main story is over, every DLC is completed and you
have nothing to play around in Skyrim, but there is something that still wants you to play the
game. A new mod which can completely change the story of the game and make it feel more
fresh and new.

And to solve this problem we have a very precise mod for you and it is the Alternate Start mod, in this mod, you will be playing different characters from the game having their own
story which will connect to the game’s main story at the end.

It is like playing a new story in the game without spoiling the main story.

The options for characters are a humble farmer, a necromancer a tavern patron, a
shipwrecked survivor, and many more. Apart from all of these, you can also customize your
characters looks and regain your Dovahkiin abilities unless you turn them off.

This is the best ever Skyrim mod for post main story game.

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