Pokemon Go: Defense Deoxys Leak Confirmed.

A few weeks ago data miners have found that there were some strings which gave some clue about New Kind of Deoxys that is Defense  Form is coming to POKEMON.

But back then it was not confirmed until Niantic have officially confirmed that Defense Deoxys is coming to Pokemon Go in the form of EX raid battle which will launch on March 25.

Some of you may know and some of you may not know what are Ex Raid Battles in Pokemon Go so basically, it is same as a traditional battle but you can participate in the EX Raid Battles only when you are invited.

There is no fixed gym where this ex raid battle will happen it is all random.

Now, you guys must be wondering what are the Stats for Defense Deoxys so, here it is

CP: 1,978

Attack: 144

Defence: 330

There are three pokemon which are best counters for Deoxys that are Mewtwo, Tyranitar and Gengar.

APEX LEGENDS: SUPER JUMPING | Octane and 8 more Characters leaked

Super Jumping Leak

Apex legends have been the most competitive game for PUBG & FORTNITE since its launch it has grown to a fan base of 50million+ players.

We have received leak information that some strings in the files say that super jumping is coming to Apex Legends. There is a bunch of strings in the game files that rotate around super jumping.

Before this there was also a leak about “wall running” and in the recent game files, there is a string which says “superjumpCanUseAfterWallrun” either this means that super jumping will be released after wall-run or maybe it means that players can only access super jump after their wall-run duration overs in between a firefight.

Octane and 8 more characters Leak

Octane is one of the most controversial characters in the Apex Legends character update. Octane was leaked very early after the release of Apex legends.

A Reddit posts say that there are 8 more characters which tend to be coming in Apex legends.

But this information is not yet confirmed by the officials.


There is a huge update coming to BLACKOUT below is a bit summary about every update coming to Blackout.

  1. Spring Seasonal Map update

The Map is updated for better lighting, improved greenery and to give a spring feel they added a bunch of springtime trees.

  • Hardcore Mode

You will be dropped into the map without HUD, armour, vehicles or zombies.

  • Contraband Stashes

Find out contraband stashes for accessing Shotgun, switchblade x9 folding SMG, and KAP 45 pistol.

  • Vehicles In Solos, Duos and Quads
  • Operator Weapons and Purifier
  • Weapon inspect

You can now inspect your weapon by pressing left on the d-pad.

  • Emotes

Now you can use emotes for celebrating your victory on the victory screen.

  • Limited-Time Mode Stats

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