Fortnite data miners have shared leaks which reveal upcoming Mandalorian cosmetics in Season 5 after The Mandalorian being added as an NPC.

Leaks are now a part of Fortnite revealing early information from in-game files has now become a trend.
This is everyone’s guilty pleasure because everyone wants to know what is upcoming and at the same
time they also do not want the spoilers.

However, at the end of Fortnite Chapter 2 season 4 leaks for Season 5 started to surface (the same way it happens at the end of each season), the big news of this leak was a collaboration with Star Wars character
The Mandalorian which was confirmed later and the character was added in-game along with his partner
The Child, both of them were equipped with their weapons – which you can use if you take him down.

Apart from being an NPC, players can also unlock the Mandalorian skins through the Beskar Armor
challenges. Though, a new leak suggests that there are many more Mandalorian cosmetics coming to Fortnite.


Upcoming Fortnite Mandalorian Cosmetics

Fortnite data miner SmearReddit pointed out that a Mandalorian-themed pickaxe is in the works –
or was at least worked on by Epic Games.

As Smear points out, The Mandalorian’s codename in the game is Cosmos – Epic uses these names
in an attempt to trick leakers – and there is a pickaxe in the files that is tagged as CosmosWeapon.

There is no image of it, and it’s only got the Work in Progress placeholder, as well as the classic ‘TBD’ tags.

If you have been following The Mandalorian season two you must be familiar with one of his
weapons “the Beskar Staff” – it looks similar to the pickaxe. He is really spicing up this season and
getting more cosmetics for him in-game can turn out to be a great move by Epic Games. And if you
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