Apex legends Season 5 trailer is full of content and one another leaker reveals locations of four new ult-charging points placed all over King’s Canyon in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is ready to go full-on with Season 5, there is so much new content coming
this season like there Loba our next new legend is making her way in the game to take
revenge from her dad’s killer, then we have our King’s Canyon map getting extreme changes
both good and bad. But players are still looking for any other hint about any new upcoming

Earlier in the Apex Legends season 5 trailer we spotted two fast ult-charging points but now a leaker claims that there are more than two and he has revealed the locations for four new ult-charging points in Apex Legends new King’s Canyon.

Loba is making her way into the game in Season 5

Locations of Four new ult-charging points in Apex Legends

Reddit user Ponsobnie says that when you look through trailer piece by piece you will notice
that there are two more charging points other than two we already know – the wetlands
charging point and the cliff edge where Loba transports herself.

According to him, the other two charging points are close to the first two charging points,
the third charging point can be seen inside the crane shown just before the wetlands
charging point is revealed and he believes that the fourth charging point is somewhere near
that cliff.

Anyhow, if this all is true then having two charging points right next to each other may lead
to pretty interesting fights, especially when you have legends like Revenant, Wraith and Gibraltar.

The Apex Legends Season 5 is to go live on Tuesday, May 12 so we don’t have to wait too
much longer to verify this theory of four new ult-charging points on King’s Canyon, we will
update you tomorrow with all new cosmetics, map changes and brief information regarding
these ult-charging machines.

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