On Apex Legends YouTube channel they leaked Revenant Trailer for upcoming Season 4, Revenant will be added with Forge?

On January 25, 2020, Apex Legends mistakenly or for what so ever reason uploaded a Trailer for just 2 minutes, where we can clearly see “Revenant” behind “Forge”.

Revenant leaked trailer uploaded on YouTube

An Apex Legends leaker “iLootGames” took the screenshot and made it public.

Leaked Revenant Trailer For Season 4

In the image below we can clearly see “Forge” announcing his debut in-game and right behind him is “Revenant”.

Revenant is the most believed legend to make his way in Season 4, he had tons of Leaks, but everything changed when developers announced Forge as the new legend.

In the picture, we can see Revenant sneaking behind Forge with his hand converted into some kind of sword, and he is ready to strike it through Forge.

Well, this is the only piece of evidence from the trailer, so we can’t say whether it is true or not.

But, if it is true then Apex Legends will be introducing two new legends in Season 4.

What I think is Revenant will end up backstabbing Forge and take the place as the next new legend, I hope this won’t happen because Forge is the first legend who has a sponsor in-game.

Furthermore, there are tons and tons of leaks regarding Revenant from the beginning of Season 3 like the Shadowfall limited-time mode.

whereas, Forge was just there.

And even the part that “Apex Legends uploaded trailer mistakenly” is also full of doubt because no one would do such a blunder of revealing something this important.

Well, this Screenshot says a lot of stories and no one can figure out which one to believe until Season 4 starts, and you won’t have to wait long for that as the next season starts from February 4.

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