A leaked Overpass remake CSGO code has been found in the latest patch update from Valve. In the code, there are multiple clear references to the popular map.


  • Overpass is one of the oldest and popular maps of CSGO released back in 2013.
  • The latest small patch update from Valve has revealed some “remake code” relating to Overpass.

CSGO features a lot of maps – some of them are hard to play while some are simpler.
However, every player have their own favourite map and specific point or angle on the map
which they often plays.

Some of these maps are not perfect but they do contribute to the competitive scene
of the game.


Overpass is not a common or classic map like DUST II and Inferno. Instead, it was
released back in 2013 along with Cobblestone as a part of the Winter Offensive update.
Although it is not as simple as Mirage or Inferno, still it is considered to be one
of the best maps present in the game.

The theme of the map is very simple Terrorist needs to destroy any of two sites
present and Counter-Terrorists to needs to stop them in order to win the round.

The map is located in Berlin, Germany where Terrorist needs to destroy the
military shipment or bomb down the pillar located below the military
shipment while Counter-Terrorist needs to stop them.

However, from the Leaked Overpass remake CSGO code, it looks like
the original map is going under remake. Reddit user named EVAD3
pointed out there’s “a healthy amount of references” to an Overpass remake in the code.

He shared two screenshots to support his claims. The first one references everything from bricks, ceilings, and concrete, to fences, floors, and walls. The second goes a step further and includes the actual models themselves.


Despite having this evidence, it would be foolish to completely believe this,
until anything official comes up from Valve itself.

However, considering all of this to be true and that the Overwatch remake is in
works then still there is a lot of time before it arrives.

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