Leaked Linus and xQc conversation

xQc has leaked a conversation with Linus, where Linus is asking for his help during a crisis. Now xQc has spilled that conversation all over the internet.

Linus Tech Tips (LTT) has had a tumultuous week. What began as a viral video from Gamers Nexus criticizing LTT’s accuracy and ethical issues has become a flood of backlash.

Linus Sebastian’s written response prompted Linus Media Group to issue an apologetic video, halting development. The debate over commercialised apologies is still ongoing.

Madison Reeve, an ex-employee, shared a lengthy Twitter thread claiming physical assault, sexism, and inappropriate work conditions, sparking a standalone response from the LTT team.

Linus, a content creator, is said to have contacted xQc, a streamer known for cheating allegations and online gambling, who released a private discussion with Linus’s Canadian collaborator.

Leaked Linus and xQc conversation

“Bro, do I leak DMs?” xQc asked his thousands of viewers before answering his own question. Claiming “It’s a funny DM, so I’m allowed to leak it.”

“It’s like six in the morning, I’m about to go to bed. My phone rings and out of everybody, it’s Linus.

“He’s like ‘Holy sh** dude, it was you, now it’s me,’ something like that.”

Linus acknowledged that the wave of social media backlash has now shifted in his direction, referring to xQc’s recent controversy involving reaction content.

“It is what it is chat,” xQc said of the Linus Tech Tips saga taking the internet by storm this week. Though even with accusations piling up, the former LMG CEO allegedly still had time to lambast xQc during their call.

“He still made sure to let me know he still does not agree with any of my takes, he believes I’m being deliberately stupid.”

xQc continues streaming on Twitch and Kick despite ongoing gambling drama, while Linus and LTT have halted production on future content due to ongoing issues.