Fortnite glitch has leaked Doomsday Device new look in-game and also it shows some of the upcoming “Storm The Agency event” challenges.

After the biggest ever in-game event “Travis Scott concert”, Fortnite is all ready to host
another big event “Doomsday Event”, and according to rumours, this event will change how
the island looks right now.

A Doomsday Device is making its way time to time in the loading screen and in leaks and here
is its new look and some details about the upcoming Storm the Agency event challenges.


Fortnite Doomsday Device final look.

The very known data miner ‘FortTory,’ has uncovered the final look of Fortnite Doomsday Device and it looks more complete now. He found this data by glitching the loading screen.

In the picture, we can see Midas standing in between and behind him is the Doomsday Device with smoke emanating from it and more ominous lighting than before.

This can be the final version of the device as the current version in-game is very different
from this image.

Well, our predictions say that this will be the part of Season 3 going live on Thursday, June 4,
and the fact that recent leaks suggest some underwater theme coming soon, this makes
more sense as the hatches are also placed around the Agency island.

Leaked Fortnite Agency Challenge

The Data miner also revealed some information about the upcoming Storm the Agency challenge.

A number of gold bars are scattered across Midas’ room and players need to collect three of them for this upcoming Storm The Agency challenge.

Well, there is no exact information about the rewards but it is pretty sure that collecting gold
bars will play a big role in the upcoming event and in the game’s future story.

We will keep you updated if we find anything related to this information.

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