Upcoming CoD Mobile New Map is leaked and once again it is one the rework of one of the most iconic maps from Modern Warfare –  Shoot House. The leaks are of gameplay from a beta test server in China.

CoD Mobile features a ton of iconic maps from different Call of Duty game titles, this list of
fan favourite maps are increasing with every new update. However a leaked gameplay from
a Beta test server in China showcases that maybe another iconic map from 2019 Modern Warfare
might be in works.

The map that we are talking about here is the most requested and most played map from 2019
Modern Warfare Infinity Ward title – Shoot House. Developers added the map in the game back
in November 2019 and its 24/7 playlist is among the most requested to this day as is Shoot the Ship
which features a mix of Shoot House and Shipment.

However, despite being only a year old the leaked CoD Mobile gameplay shows a New Map – The reworked version of the map.

Players are already grinding in the map despite having no announcement from the developers.
From the gameplay it looks like the map is still standing strong and each of its elements are same
as before – Awesome.

Why Shoot House became so popular in such a short period of time?, well first things first
nobody likes long rounds/matches – everyone wants to get down and jump right into the
fight – well Shoot House was a treat for those peoples – it was small and had a plenty of options
to flank on enemies.

Moreover, when Shoot House launched every one started preferring Shotguns and SMGs over
Rifles and Snipers because the area was small and everyone was engaged in close battles.


As of now, the Mobile version of the map is in works and it would not be too long to see it
on the main servers worldwide.

Meanwhile, everyone is waiting for the incoming Season 1 update, which also happens to feature a new map. As a result, it’s likely that Shoot House is still a ways off from a global release in CoD Mobile.

From the leaked gameplay it looks like the new CoD Mobile map might be completely finished and considering there were no bugs or glitches through out the testing on Beta servers, the developers might release Shoot House as the new map for the upcoming update.

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