A new leak reveals the possible return of Fortnite Launch Pads in Season 5, Fortnite seasons always tries to bring something new, but there have been multiple times when Epic Games has brought back the old items.

Fortnite Season 4 was full of items, skins and action pack season since its beginning
back in August, but it is all coming to an end now and with the end of this season
the rise of next season is about the happen.

And like Fortnite tradition, Epic Games will release multiple new items, skins and
all-new kind of things. Players always enjoy every bit of new map changes and
battle pass content.

Apart from releasing new items, developers also remove/vault multiple items
every season, like in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Launch Pads were removed from
the game for the very first time since they were added back in November 2017.

Launch Pads played a key role in any given game and often dictated the tempo and pacing. But in this season it didn’t affect much.


Launch Pads are also a centre of the discussion, some players think that Launch Pads
need to be nerfed or removed as they provide too much mobility while others think
that they are doing just fine in the game and makes the game even more interesting.

Anyhow, a recent leak reveals Fortnite Launch Pads return in Season 5.

Fortnite Launch Pads return in Season 5

Fortnite data miner ‘Mang0e’ was digging through the v14.60 game files and found that Launch Pads were in the mix. “It looks like some launch pad assets were added back into the files,” he said.

However, mention of Launch Pads in games files does not mean that they are going
to make comeback, as far as we know they may be a part of any upcoming event
or LTM.

No one other than developers and Epic Games officials knows whether they are coming back or not, we players can only wait until the next season starts.

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